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About EUROGRAD-EM: EUROGRAD-EM is a non-profit organization created by alumni of European Union Scholarships. This organization was established with the aim of improving the quality of human resources through quality education and training. Everyone has potential, but not everyone has an opportunity. For this reason, EUROGRAD-EM is here to provide an opportunity for everyone to increase their potential for improving their lives. Our Services: English Conversation Service Excellence Effective Communication Public Speaking MC and Protocol Business Presentation Contact Us:

Leadership Training for Young Leaders

  Our Leadership Training: The most important function of a leader is how to bring everyone to adapt to changes.  Even make the change itself and prepare the team to   anticipate the changes. In this VUCA era, a great leader is needed, namely an agile leader. Through this Agility training, participants will learn about how to become an agile leader who is able to respond and anticipate changes that are very dynamic and difficult to predict. Agile leaders can guarantee the company / organization can continue to survive and grow forever.

Research Collaboration

  Our Research Collaboration: Collaboration in research with various parties is always carried out periodically. The research outcome  contributes to improve the quality of human resources 

Professional Training

  Our Professional Training: Metode pembelajaran sangat menyenangkan: Tidak membuat peserta jenuh. Selalu ada diskusi yang interaktif dengan peserta Peserta diberikan kesempatan untuk berbagi pengalaman Ice breaking yang menyegarkan

Social Activities

  Our Social Activities: Education is for all.   From children to adults From those who are economically capable to those who are still pre-prosperous From those who are physically “able” to those with special needs

International Conference EUROGRAD-EM

Our Conferences:                                  International Conference / Seminar Organizer EUROGRAD-EM is experienced in organizing international conferences / seminars / workshops. The topics presented are the talk of the world. The speakers presented are experts in their fields.